12 Week scan 1, 2 or 3?

The pregnancy to me so far has seemed surreal I know that it is happening but it just doesn't seem to have sunk in all the way yet. However leading up to the 12 week scan and our first scan their was a real sense of excitement and anticipation. By the 12 week mark we... Continue Reading →


The Good News.

We have all seen it before on social media when people have an announcement they come up with creative ways to tell people there news. Well we were not too much different in how we let our parents know and Lynsey’s grand parents. It has always been an unwritten rule that upon finding out that... Continue Reading →

Two Red Lines

All of the men out there I'm sure you can remember when you found out the amazing news that you where going to be a father. Those two solid red lines on the pregnancy test (thats how it was displayed on our test) are the best two red lines I think ill ever see. Iv... Continue Reading →

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