Two Red Lines

img_2402All of the men out there I’m sure you can remember when you found out the amazing news that you where going to be a father. Those two solid red lines on the pregnancy test (thats how it was displayed on our test) are the best two red lines I think ill ever see.

Iv always had it in my head that when I found out the news that we where expecting it would be like you see on the films or even social media these days. My wife would show me the test and it would be all tears and emotion but ours didn’t quite go like that.

The day started of as any other day id been out to do a few jobs before nipping home for some breakfast. When I opened the front door Lynsey was stood at the top of the stairs she shouted down to me “would you like an early christmas present” now I am a sucker for presents and any chance to get one early is always a bonus. I rushed upstair to see Lynsey holding a little white stick in her hand as she said ” I’m Pregnant” I instantly looked down at the test to see those two solid red line. In that moment the world seemed to stop and its a that moment as the films depict that i should of started tearing up. But that didn’t happen I think the news was so overwhelming I didn’t know what to do so we had a hug and a kiss and both went of to work agreeing that we would talk about it later.

About mid morning whilst i was busy at work it struck me that i was going to be a dad. the emotions started to hit me like waves crashing against a sea wall. I could feel myself welling up but there still was no tears although the optician has told me that my tear ducts are blocked from working in a dusty environment so that maybe explains the no tears thing. As time passed on the same words where going through my head I’m going to be a dad I’m going to be a dad and I can not wait.

Through the day I found it so hard not telling anyone the amazing news as I just wanted to scream from the roof tops that I was going to be a father. When I arrived home we where both so excited and we talked about what the future might hold.


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