The Good News.

We have all seen it before on social media when people have an announcement they come up with creative ways to tell people there news. Well we were not too much different in how we let our parents know and Lynsey’s grand parents. It has always been an unwritten rule that upon finding out that you are pregnant that your not meant to tell people until after the 12 week scan as for good reason. However we couldn’t not tell our parents for the reason of what if something were to happen we would like them to know and being involved from the minute go.

Lynsey came up with the ingenious idea of putting the news into a christmas card as it was only a couple of weeks before christmas when we found out. We put in Lynsey’s Mum and Dads card “This time next year you will be Grandparents” and in her grandparents card it read “After all these years of being amazing grandparents next year we are going to upgrade you to Great grandparents”. My parents I just walked into there living room and said this time next year you will be grandparents. It was brilliant watching their reactions as the news sunk in and their lips started to crack into a smile and eyes widen as it clicked what we had just told them. Of course we had tears of joy but sadly not from my eyes (as you’ll see from my previous post about having blocked tear ducts!) I have always found it hard to deal with how people show emotions I’m not a very hugging kissing type of person but the news that I will become a father seemed to change that and I have started to embrace the emotions people show towards our amazing news.


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