12 Week scan 1, 2 or 3?


The pregnancy to me so far has seemed surreal I know that it is happening but it just doesn’t seem to have sunk in all the way yet. However leading up to the 12 week scan and our first scan their was a real sense of excitement and anticipation. By the 12 week mark we had all ready been to see the midwife and she had taken Lynsey’s measurements and bloods to carry out various tests and given us that much information it was coming out of our ears. One of the biggest exciting bits of news the midwife gave us was our date for the 12 week scan. This was a massive date to put on the calendar.

Your probably looking at the title of this post thinking “12 week scan” that makes sense but why the “1, 2 or 3?”. I was born on the 19th of may 1988 in a hospital in Bangor Wales which seem’s totally normal until approximately three to four minutes later I had two other brothers yes thats right I am a triplet and a natural one at that! Also on Lynsey’s side of the family there has known to be twins. So you can see our concern in thinking that we might be having a multiple birth. The thought of becoming a father to one child is mind boggling enough but to become a dad to two or three thats just insane. My parents must of had heart palpitations when they saw us three pop up on a scan!

The day finally came to go for our 12 week scan. Its normally about an hour to the hospital from where we live but our appointment was a 9.20am one so we thought we would leave a good hour and a half to get there to allow for rush hour. Lynsey had been drinking plenty of water from the moment she woke up to give her a full bladder as this was advised as i believe it helps to show a clearer picture on the scan. We made it to the hospital in good time but Lynsey was bursting for the toilet as we sat in the waiting room hoping to get to see the midwife sooner than our allotted time. Luckily for Lynsey we got in to see the midwife rather quick. Lynsey popped up onto the bed and out came the jelly a nice big squirt on the belly and the scan commenced and straight away the midwife said to Lynsey you’d best go for a wee your bladder is a bit full and you could see poor little Nemo (thats what we call the little bundle in the belly) squashed up. Round two back on the bed another big squirt of jelly on the belly and little Nemo wouldn’t lay right to get a measurement the midwife wanted. So back of the bed and we were told to go for a walk and a jiggle.

Outside the hospital we had a walk around and Lynsey thought hop, skipping and jumping might help. Of course been the good husband I am I joined in with the hop, skipping and jumping people must of thought we where crazy but we didn’t care anything to try and get Nemo to lay right. Round three back on the bed another big squirt of jelly and the scan commenced again. At this point I felt sorry for Lynsey as the midwife was having to push fairly hard to try and get Nemo to move however Nemo wouldn’t lay right which made me think this child is gong to be stubborn and do its own thing when it comes along.

We got a couple of fairly good scan picture and everything looked to be good and there looked to only be one in there which was a massive relief. Through the scanning process I had a few moments of nearly welling up not that i made it aware to Lynsey. Its amazing how precious that little bump is even at the 12 week mark little Nemo has already stolen my heart and the 20 week scan can not seem to come soon enough.


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