Fatherhood is one of the most improtant jobs any man will have to face in his life time and one that we all would try to do our best at.

Ditzy Dad is a blog about my personal experiances from finding out the life changing news through to the future of fatherhood. My name is Mark Lilly I am a self employed heating engineer and have the most amazing lovely wife called Lynsey. The next step for us after getting married was to try for a child.

When I have been around friends and their children they have always said what a good father I would make when the day arrives. It was only on finding out the amazing news that my wife and I where expecting that the sudden realisation hit me that i did not have the foggiest idea about parenthood.

As the Ditzy Dad I have a lot to learn and what I do learn I want to pass on to all the fathers and expecting fathers out there. From the highs to the lows no ones story is the same as any other but I hope mine will help.

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